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TikTok Slapped with €345 Million Fine for Violating Children’s Privacy in the EU


The EU’s lead regulator in the bloc delivered the penalty. The EU’s enforcement action was triggered by concerns over TikTok handling of children’s data, particularly their personal information. TikTok was found to be in breach of privacy laws applicable within the European Union.

Fixing the Issue:

TikTok has claimed that it resolved the problem before the massive fine was imposed. The social media giant has taken corrective measures to address the privacy concerns related to children’s data processing.

An Ongoing Issue:

Data privacy, particularly concerning minors, has been an ongoing issue for social media platforms. With the EU’s rigorous privacy regulations, companies must be vigilant in safeguarding user data, especially data related to children.

EU’s Stance on Privacy:

The EU is known for its strict data protection rules and regulations. Violations of these regulations, especially regarding children’s data, are met with significant penalties, as demonstrated by the hefty fine imposed on TikTok.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of data privacy and the consequences companies face when they fail to uphold the standards set by regulatory authorities in the European Union.

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