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The Furies Tormenting Donald Trump

In John Barth’s 1958 short story “The Remobilization of Jacob Horner,” a physician tells the protagonist, who is paralyzed, that in life, there are no minor characters and everyone is the hero of their own story. This idea is similar to the saying “no man is a hero to his valet.” However, for Donald Trump, this belief has led him to create a self-serving and potentially dangerous worldview. He sees himself as a hero, but his actions and beliefs are concerning for those who value democracy and reject authoritarianism. Trump finds validation in the failures of others, such as Representative Liz Cheney and Senator James Lankford, who have spoken out against him. He also sees his continued popularity among supporters as proof of his greatness, despite facing numerous legal challenges and financial threats. However, there is another perspective at play. Over 200 rioters from the January 6th insurrection have pleaded guilty to felony charges, and Trump’s former lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, has been ordered to pay millions for defaming two Black election workers. The American legal system is slowly but surely holding Trump accountable for his actions, despite his belief that he is the hero of his own story. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected his claim of presidential immunity for the January 6th events, and he is facing multiple lawsuits and potential financial consequences. While Trump may continue to see himself as a hero, the reality is that the legal system is working to hold him accountable for his actions. 

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