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QFL Replaces PFLK: What Changes in Kazakh Football?

Presentation event for the Qazaqstan Football League with large QFL logo on screen, confetti, and people on stage.
Photo Courtesy: QFL

This spring, a presentation of the new brand and new season of the Professional Football League of Kazakhstan took place. The football community and media representatives were introduced to the league’s new name, QFL (Qazaqstan Football League), updated logo, and slogan  «Together with Football». 

It is worth noting that the modern visual and concise style of the logo contains references to traditional symbols of the republic. For example, the golden eagle, one of the symbols of independent Kazakhstan, forms the letter Q. Thus, the new logo symbolizes the unity of the league.

“Our joint work with the league is aimed at creating a football business industry where football is an attractive asset for sponsors and investors, a socially significant product for the population, and a source of pride for the country on the international stage. Today, the league is capable of meeting all the challenges and implementing all the points of its strategy. These are quite real and achievable goals,” said Adlet Barmenkulov, President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation, during the presentation.

Collage of three men speaking at the Qazaqstan Football League event, each against a backdrop with the league's logo.

Photo Courtesy: QFL

In addition to the brand and logo, a number of projects aimed at developing football in the country were presented. The projects were developed in just 9 months, some of which previously had no analogs in the country. For example, the launch of new tournaments, the League Cup and the Women’s League, was announced. In the first tournament, 16 Kazakhstani clubs will compete not only for the prestigious trophy but also for the largest prize fund in the history of Kazakh football, amounting to 1 million dollars. Special attention was also paid to the news of the launch of the Women’s League, where 6 clubs from 5 regions of the country have already confirmed their participation.

«Together with Football» – is our slogan because in achieving all the tasks aimed at developing football, the synergy of the league with the state, sponsors, and, of course, the loyal army of fans is necessary. It is very important for us that Kazakhstani football, on the one hand, becomes modern, dynamic, absorbs all the best that has already been invented in the football industry of the best European leagues, and at the same time preserves its identity by virtue of its originality. Within three years, we must implement a number of projects and bring our league to the international level,” said Rafael Garibyan, President of the Qazaqstan Football League.

Meanwhile, the guests of the presentation witnessed the launch of the new QFL website and updated league pages on social networks. It was also announced at the event that there has been a significant improvement in the quality of match broadcasts from the new season. The number of professional video cameras for broadcasting has been increased, a new graphic package has been introduced, the development of a special media platform is underway, and a new Q-Football channel will soon appear. In addition to this, at the end of the evening, all attendees were shown the new official QFL ball, developed in collaboration with the new sponsor –  marketplace company.

“Qazaqstan Football League has tremendous potential for development. We presented not only a new brand but also a marketing strategy. Our actions are aimed at enhancing the commercial attractiveness of all league products. The work of our team is already yielding its first results. This season, in addition to the traditional sponsor, our long-time betting partner, the league has concluded agreements with two new sponsors at once, new betting and marketplace. We believe that the new logo will become an important symbol of the league’s identification in the global football community, but what is more important for national leagues, it is already an umbrella that unites all league products under the brand of QFL,” said Eduard Sinelnikov, Vice President of Qazaqstan Football League.


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