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MiQ’s Sustainable Digital Advertising Partnership with SeenThis Revolutionizes the Industry

This partnership is driven by a shared commitment to combat online media pollution and elevate the sustainability of digital advertising worldwide. By integrating adaptive streaming with MiQ’s agnostic, multi-DSP capabilities, they’re set to usher in a new era of high-quality, eco-friendly ad campaigns that deliver exceptional performance.

SeenThis’s adaptive streaming technology is at the heart of this innovation. It ensures that creative content is delivered in the highest quality, minimizing data waste. These ads are served in bite-sized pieces when in-view, reducing data transfer to only active consumption, and pausing when not in view. The impact is significant, reducing data waste by an average of 25% and decreasing carbon emissions caused by buffering and offscreen loading. Additionally, it eliminates the need for excessive reliance on publisher bandwidth, enhancing the user experience across various formats, including static images, videos, and displays.

Key Benefits

1. No Creative Limits: The delivery of creative content is transformed through streaming technology.

2. Greener Campaigns: Wasted impressions are minimized by pausing advertisements when out-of-view.

3. High Attention Formats: Clients can extend video reach into display formats with over 80% viewability.

The combined expertise of MiQ and SeenThis, coupled with advanced programmatic activation strategies, has already produced remarkable results. Over 100 campaigns, including those for major fashion houses, tourism brands, and next-gen gaming companies, have seen substantial improvements. Faster load times and better viewability have resulted in click-through rates performing 2x better than standard display ads, leading to a reduction of nearly 85,000 KG of CO2e emissions – equivalent to the pollution caused by over 3 million plastic bags or driving from New York to L.A. 160+ times.

Building on these successes, MiQ plans to leverage SeenThis technology to introduce new streamed formats and expand its offerings into other channels beyond display, with more details to be unveiled in the coming months.

Chris Lehman, Global Head of Creative at MiQ, emphasizes their commitment to sustainability and innovation, stating, “Optimizing and future-proofing the creative that clients use seemed like a natural next step in this continued progression. SeenThis is the perfect partner to aid us in that journey.”

Thomas Houge, CCO at SeenThis, highlights the pioneering nature of their collaboration and expresses readiness to facilitate success globally, with further advances on the horizon.

About SeenThis

Since 2017, Swedish tech company SeenThis has been revolutionizing screen experiences globally with its adaptive streaming technology. The company’s mission is to reshape the internet for the better by transforming the distribution and climate impact of digital content. With a presence in 40+ countries and serving 1,000+ brands, SeenThis is committed to creating a high-speed and energy-efficient Internet. 

About MiQ

MiQ is a programmatic media partner that connects data from various sources to solve business challenges for marketers and agencies. With expertise in data science, analytics, and programmatic trading, MiQ operates globally from 18 offices, providing clients with innovative solutions for their media investments. The company has received recognition for its contributions, including awards like Ad Age’s Best Places to Work, Inc. Programmatic Power Players, and AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Players.

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