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Mexico Congress Hears Testimony on ‘Alien’ Bodies in UFO Hearing

In an extraordinary congressional hearing, Mexican politicians were presented with testimony and alleged remains of non-human entities, marking Mexico’s first congressional event on unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

During the hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (known by its Spanish acronym FANI), Mexican journalist and long-time UFO enthusiast, Jaime Maussan, claimed that the specimens he displayed were the corpses of extraterrestrials, stating that they were unrelated to any life on Earth.

The two tiny “bodies,” showcased in cases, had three fingers on each hand and elongated heads. Maussan claimed they were recovered in Peru near the ancient Nazca Lines in 2017 and estimated to be approximately 1,000 years old.

Similar past discoveries of this nature have been determined to be the remains of mummified children. Nevertheless, Maussan emphasized, “This is the first time extraterrestrial life is presented in such a form, and I think there is a clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world, and that any scientific institution can investigate it. We are not alone.”

Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, director of the Scientific Institute for Health of the Mexican navy, mentioned that X-rays, 3D reconstruction, and DNA analysis were conducted on the remains, and he affirmed that they had no relation to human beings.

The hearing also featured testimony from former US navy pilot Ryan Graves, who had previously participated in US Congressional hearings regarding his personal experiences with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and the stigma associated with reporting such sightings.

In recent years, the US government has shifted its approach to public information on UAP, moving away from decades of secrecy. The Pentagon has actively investigated reported sightings by military aviators, while NASA established an independent panel to study UFOs, marking the first of its kind within the space agency. NASA is set to discuss the findings from this study on Thursday (US time).

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