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McDaniel, Out as RNC Chair, Learns That Loyalty to Trump is Never Returned

When Donald Trump requested that Ronna McDaniel, his choice for Republican National Committee chair, change her name to something more fitting for a 1950s bride, she quickly dropped her family name of Romney. This name, which is associated with the party of Lincoln and includes her grandfather, George Romney, and uncle, Mitt Romney, was a sore spot for Trump. Despite her family’s political legacy, McDaniel has been a loyal supporter of Trump, fulfilling all of his requests as party chair. However, after rumors began circulating that she was no longer meeting Trump’s expectations, he summoned her to a meeting in Florida. In a post on his social media platform, he cryptically referred to her as the “now Head of the RNC” and did not include her in his recommendations for party growth. Later, on Fox News, he condescendingly praised her work in Michigan but hinted that changes may be made in her role. McDaniel, ever-dutiful, called Trump and informed him that she would step down after the South Carolina primary. This situation serves as a prime example of the delusion that keeps many officials in Trump’s thrall. Even top political advisors, such as Stuart Stevens, have compared McDaniel’s actions to hosting a “Cannibal’s Banquet,” hoping to be eaten last. Despite her previous role as a “housewife,” McDaniel eagerly accepted Trump’s offer to lead the Michigan Republican Party and used her position as RNC chair to please him and improve her own SEO. This situation is reminiscent of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has also fallen in line with Trump’s demands, even after initially condemning the “failed insurrection” on January 6, 2021. McConnell’s spine only lasted until he realized that standing up to Trump would not benefit his political career. He has even gone so far as to distance himself from Trump, claiming that he hasn’t spoken to him in years, in an attempt to defend his lack of action. If Trump were to ask McConnell to change his name, he would likely comply without hesitation. 

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