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Just Wines Acquires Sans Drinks from Administration

Online retailer Just Wines has acquired Sans Drinks, an online non-alcoholic drinks store, from administration, marking a surprising turnaround for the business. Sans Drinks, founded by Irene Falcone, was placed in voluntary administration due to challenges in the retail environment. Administrator Andrew Spring initially indicated that selling the business as a going concern was unlikely. However, Just Wines founder Nitesh Bhatia saw potential in Sans Drinks, describing it as “an excellent addition” to their platform.

Bhatia highlighted synergies between the two brands and expressed a commitment to taking Sans Drinks to the next level. The non-alcoholic sector is experiencing growth, and this acquisition will enable Sans Drinks to expand more rapidly, leveraging its position as the leading retailer in this segment.

The voluntary administration process resulted in a successful trade sale of Sans Drinks, strengthening the business and delivering a significantly improved outcome for all creditors compared to liquidation. Secured and employee creditors are likely to be paid in full, while unsecured creditors can expect an estimated 48 cents in the dollar within the next three months.

Irene Falcone, the founder of Sans Drinks, will continue to play a role in marketing and strategy for the business, reflecting her passion for building the Sans Drinks community.

Sans Drinks emerged in the early stages of the non-alcoholic substitutes category, which has since gained widespread acceptance and significant retail shelf space, including in major supermarkets, leading to intense competition and discounting among non-alcoholic beverage brands.

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