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Entertainment Booking Platform Muso Rebrands as Surreal Ahead of Series A

Live entertainment platform Muso co-founders Alan Jin, Brandon Crimmins, and Jeremiah Siemianow

The live entertainment platform Muso has undergone a rebranding and is now known as Surreal. This change comes one year after its expansion into the UK and New Zealand in anticipation of a Series A fundraising round.

Surreal is a software solution designed to simplify and streamline the process of booking, managing, paying, and promoting live entertainment.

Alan Jin, the co-founder and COO, stated that the business has seen rapid growth in the UK since its launch in mid-2022, with a monthly average growth rate of 27%. It has signed up several leading venue groups and managed to endure the pandemic-related shutdowns, which have spanned much of Surreal’s five-year existence.

Jin emphasized the company’s successful expansion in the UK, saying, “Now we have secured some of the UK’s largest and most popular venues right across the country – it’s a pinch-yourself moment. We’re so privileged to have brought so many amazing venues and artists together, who all share our deep passion and commitment to keeping the scene alive.”

He also noted that the UK and Australia share many cultural similarities, making it easier for Surreal to bring its experience and expertise to the UK market and provide value to its customers. As a result of its rapid expansion, the company has established a team in the UK to assist with customer service inquiries and sales.

Surreal, formerly known as Muso, was co-founded by Alan Jin, Jeremiah Siemianow, and Brandon Crimmins in 2018. In October 2021, it raised $2 million in what it referred to as a Seed+ round, led by Rampersand. Two years earlier, the gig booking app secured a $1.5 million Seed round.

Jin mentioned that the Surreal platform currently encompasses over 10,000 artists, 5,000 venues, and 54,000 gigs worldwide, with $27 million in payments processed through the platform annually. He also highlighted the strength of the team, which includes individuals with experience from notable companies such as Eventbrite, Facebook, and Etsy, and how this expertise has materialized in Surreal’s new product.

Among Surreal’s clients is the London venue Boxpark, and the company’s COO, Ben McLaughlin, expressed how the platform has simplified their entertainment scheduling and invoicing processes. He noted that the flexibility and simplicity of Surreal have enhanced their business operations, providing greater visibility of bookings and streamlining payment processes. This has enabled more robust programming and saved valuable time for both the events teams and the artists. McLaughlin also mentioned that their business is rapidly expanding, and Surreal will facilitate scalability, ensuring their talent pool grows alongside the business.

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