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Compass Secures $64 Million Contract to Provide School Management Software for WA Schools

School management software startup Compass has won a contract worth more than $64 million to supply over 800 public schools in Western Australia with its technology. The seven-year deal, in partnership with ASX-listed TechnologyOne, will expand Compass’s reach to support more than 3,000 schools and over 4 million users. Compass outbid several international rivals to secure the contract.

The Western Australia Department of Education conducted a rigorous tender process that took several years, with Compass ultimately winning the contract for all four school management categories, including school administration, student administration, timetabling, and finance. Compass will collaborate with TechnologyOne to deliver the financial component of the solution, offering billing, finance, accounting, budgeting, and management reporting functions to enhance efficiency and save time and money.

Compass CEO John de la Motte expressed excitement about the partnership and highlighted the importance of supporting local technology providers in powering public schools. Prior to this contract, Compass was already used by more than 150 schools in Western Australia, and this expansion will further solidify its presence in the education technology sector.

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