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Can Andrew Cuomo Really Make a Political Comeback?

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York, who previously served as lieutenant governor under Andrew Cuomo, has reached a settlement agreement with the Department of Justice regarding workplace reform. This comes after Cuomo’s resignation in 2021 following allegations of sexual harassment and pressure from prominent figures such as Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and President Joe Biden. The settlement aims to prevent the Executive Chamber from being sued under the Civil Rights Act for discriminatory practices and retaliation. This development may have implications for Cuomo’s potential 2025 challenge to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who won the Democratic nomination in 2021 but faces challenges with crime, homelessness, and corruption. While Cuomo may seem like an unlikely candidate for the mayoral post his father, former Governor Mario Cuomo, once sought, there is precedent for a comeback from sexual scandal in New York City politics. Former Mayor Jimmy Walker and former Representative Anthony Weiner both faced similar scandals but were still considered strong contenders for office. However, Weiner’s scandal resurfaced during the 2013 mayoral race and ultimately led to his withdrawal. While Cuomo may face challenges in his potential bid for mayor, his political experience and connections may give him an advantage. 

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