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Australia and New Zealand Soar in Best Countries Rankings

Both nations have climbed three places in the latest rankings, marking their presence in the top 10.

These improved standings are attributed to the “welcoming natures” of Australia and New Zealand, which have significantly enhanced their global reputations. Analysts also suggest that recent political leadership, with a nod to Anthony Albanese and former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, may have contributed to the positive shift.

In addition to the warm hospitality and leadership, Australia and New Zealand have garnered international attention through their joint hosting of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, further boosting their global profile.

As of the 2023 rankings, Australia has secured the fourth position, while New Zealand stands at number eight. In the previous year, Australia was ranked seventh, and New Zealand narrowly missed the top 10, coming in at the 11th position.

The top 10 best countries in 2023 are as follows:

  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • US
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Netherlands

Australia’s high overall score of 97.6 is remarkable, with only Switzerland achieving a perfect 100. The evaluation is based on ten categories, and Australia excels in several, including agility, quality of life, and social purpose.

Australia’s category rankings are as follows:

  • Adventure: 76.6/100 (8th in the world)
  • Agility: 92.1/100 (3rd in the world)
  • Cultural Influence: 60.1/100 (12th in the world)
  • Entrepreneurship: 69.6/100 (15th in the world)
  • Heritage: 54.3/100 (19th in the world)
  • Movers: 32.2/100 (26th in the world)
  • Open for Business: 75.8/100 (13th in the world)
  • Power: 32.2/100 (17th in the world)
  • Quality of Life: 86.8 (8th in the world)
  • Social Purpose: 83.1 (9th in the world)

Switzerland maintained its position at the top of the rankings for the second consecutive year. It excelled in multiple sub-rankings, including entrepreneurship, quality of life, and social purpose. Switzerland’s skilled labor force, low unemployment rate, and high GDP per capita contributed to its outstanding performance. As Jacques Pitteloud, Switzerland’s ambassador to the US, noted, “What people love about us is our reliability and our predictability.”

The Best Countries Rankings are the result of a global survey involving 17,000 participants. Notably, only countries that meet specific benchmark criteria are considered, and this year’s rankings welcomed newcomers such as Cyprus, Honduras, and Zimbabwe.

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