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Artspay Supports Artists Through The Artspay Foundation

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Impact startup Artspay has demonstrated its commitment to the arts by launching The Artspay Foundation, a charitable initiative designed to provide small grants to arts organizations and artists. More than 1,200 applications were received for the grant program, with funding ultimately being awarded to two small arts organizations and seven individual artists. Artspay, established in late 2021, was founded by friends Marc Goldenfein, Lara Thoms, and Alistair Webster, who aimed to support the arts through their retail payments processing fintech. Partnering with payment companies Fiserv and Fat Zebra, they created a profitable platform that allocates at least 50% of profits generated from fees to The Artspay Foundation. The recipients of the grants include First Nations artists, deaf and disabled artists, and LGBTQ+ artists, many of whom often struggle to secure funding from conventional sources. The foundation’s goal is to support artists and organizations that make a positive impact in the arts sector.

Two small arts organizations, Awesome Black and pvi collective, received grants of $10,000 each. Awesome Black, a New South Wales-based First Nations creative social enterprise, focuses on Indigenous storytelling through podcasts like “Broriginals” and “Yarn Quest.” According to Chloe Mills from Awesome Black, the grant will enhance their ability to serve and promote their work, while fulfilling their commitment to provide training and networking opportunities for First Nations artists. Seven individual artists were also granted $5,000 each to support their work in various fields such as visual arts, music, literature, theater, dance, and more. Alistair Webster, a co-founder of Artspay, emphasized the foundation’s mission to fill the funding gap and provide financial support where it can have a significant impact. As Artspay continues to attract more businesses, the pool of funding available for artists and arts organizations will grow, creating a sustainable source of support for the arts.

The following artists received $5,000 grants from The Artspay Foundation:

  • Elyas Alavi (Visual Arts)
  • Isla Scott (Music)
  • Ellen O’Brien (Literature)
  • Belinda Yee (Visual Arts, Video, Installation)
  • Nicola Ingram (Theatre)
  • Shian Law (Dance)
  • Ansuya Nathan (Literature, Theatre)
  • Webster anticipates that the foundation’s collaboration with businesses across Australia will establish a permanent and sustainable funding source for the arts, ensuring long-term support for the creative community.

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